A Companion to the Phlosophy of Technology

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A Companion to the Philosophy of Technology

Edited by: Vincent Hendricks (University of Roskilde), JAN KYRRE BERG OLSEN (University of Roskilde) and STIG-ANDUR PEDERSEN (University of Roskilde)

Series: Blackwell Companions to Philosophy Description

Drawing on essays from leading international and multi-disciplinary scholars, A Companion to the Philosophy of Technology is the first comprehensive and authoritative reference source to cover the key issues of technology's impact on society and our lives.

   * Presents the first complete, authoritative reference work in the field
   * Organized thematically for use both as a full introduction to the field or an encyclopedic reference
   * Draws on original essays from leading interdisciplinary scholars
   * Features the most up-to-date and cutting edge research in the interdisciplinary fields of philosophy, technology, and their broader intellectual environments.

TopTable of Contents

Introduction: What is Technology?


Architecture - Thomas Misa

Urbanity - Thomas Misa

Chinese Technology - Francesca Brey

Islamic Technology - Ahmad Y. al Hassan

War and Technology - David Mindell


Natural Science and Technology - Andrew Pickering

Scientific Knowledge - Ian Hacking

Science and Technology - Isabel Stengers

Techno science - Bruno Latour

Engineering Knowledge - Louis Bucciarelli

Physics and Technology - Peter Galison

Social Construction of Science - José Antonio Lopez Cerezo

Social Construction of Technology - José Antonio Lopez Cerezo

Theory Change and Instrumentation - Joseph C. Pitt

Risk Analysis - Sven Ove Hansson

Biotechnology - Sheldon Krimsky

Weapons Technology - Ian Hacking

Nuclear Technologies - Donald Mackenzie

Design - Paul T. Durbin

Internet - Andrew Light

Computers - Sherry Turkle


Semiotics of Technology - Robert E. Innis

Critical Theory of Technology - Andrew Feenberg

Defining Technology - Mary Tiles

Technology and the Material World - Davis Baird

Large Technological Systems - Thomas P. Hughes

Relativism - Meera Nanda

Pragmatism - Larry Hickman

Hermeneutics - Don Ihde

Analytical Philosophy of Technology - Phillip Brey

Technological Rationalism - Lorenzo Charles Simpson

Machines and Human Nature - Sunny A. Auyang

Martin Heidegger - Hubert Dreyfus

Phenomenology - Albert Borgmann

John Dewey - Larry Hickman

Jacques Ellul - Carl Mitcham

Phenomenology of Technics - Don Ihde

Luddism- Langdon Winner

Technology and Expertise - Evan Selinger

Imaging Technologies - Don Ihde

Restoration Ecology - Larry Hickman

Virtual Reality - Davis Baird

Material Reality - Davis Baird

Metaphysics of Nanotechnology - Alexei Grinbaum


Environment and Technology - Carolyn Merchant

Precautionary Principle - Andy Stirling

Philosophical Aspects of the Bio-environment - Andreja Miletic


Cloning and Gene Manipulation - Paul Thompson

Values and Technology - Frederick Ferré

Bio terrorism - Bart Gremmen

Engineering Ethics - Carl Mitcham

Food production - Bart Gremmen

Pharmaceuticals - Paul Thompson

Stem cell research - Paul Thompson

Technology and Gender - Francesca Brey

Computer Ethics - Deborah Johnson


Technology and Culture - Arnold Pacey

Technology & Political Issues - Langdon Winner

Democratic Theory - Andrew Feenberg

Ideology - Langdon Winner


Cyborgs - Donna Haraway

Nanotechnology- Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent

Nanotechnology and Determinism - Cyrus C.M. Mody

Uncertainty of Nanotechnology - Jean-Pierre Dupuy